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Little Sisters of Jesus

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Little Sisters of Jesus

Like Brother Charles, Little Sister Magdeleine (1898-1989) had a passion for living the Gospel radically. Following in his footsteps, she left for the Sahara where she settled among and became close friends with a group of Muslim nomads who welcomed her into their lives. The Congregation of the Little Sisters of Jesus was born there in 1939. The congregation became marked by this simple friendship that took place at the very beginning and by the unity that existed between persons of different religions and backgrounds.

Did not the Son of God take this same approach of coming to others and letting oneself be welcomed? He arrived among humankind, very tiny and in total confidence. This “way” of Jesus in Bethlehem and Nazareth, the same way he comes in the Eucharist as a gift of love and an offering of unity, fashions our contemplative religious life lived right in the midst of the world and in little communities.

Mixed into the ordinary life of the peoples who welcome us, often in places of division and exclusion, we share the same living conditions, work, joys, sufferings, and struggles. And very often it is our friends who teach us how to hope! God reveals himself in the ordinary of daily life, in tiny sparks of life that are sometimes quite surprising, and in bonds where differences become a blessing and seeds of unity for the world.

Little Sisters of Jesus

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