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Presentation of our Association

Charles de Foucauld in Tamanrasset

Jesus is the unique model that Charles de Foucauld continues to reveal to us and is the One at the heart of the different groups that make up the “Charles de Foucauld Spiritual Family”.

Each group, each member has its own history. Groups are to be found in a very different contexts in the Church and in the world.

Since 1955, our Association has brought together some of those who refer to Charles de Foucauld as founder, or as the person who directly inspires their life or their community.

It is this “Charles de Foucauld Spiritual Family Association” that created this site and is responsible for it.

“The love of God, the love of men, is my whole life, it will be my whole life, I hope!”

Charles de Foucauld, friend of Touaregs

Charles de Foucauld shows us a way to live the Gospel today. For more than a century, many have been attracted to this man who invites us into his intimate relationship with his Beloved and pushes us to recognize, in every person, a brother or a sister in humanity.

On November 13, 2005, the day of his beatification, thousands of pilgrims gathered around the one who is often called “Brother Charles”, the universal brother. They were able to express their joy at having chosen a spiritual guide that the Church recognizes.


In 1955, the Charles de Foucauld Family Association had 8 groups : Subsequently, ditterent groups enriched the spiritual family : Today, there are therefore 20 groups comprising more than 13,000 members throughout the world. We invite you to discover them and discover the life of Charles de Foucauld.
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